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You Have Ideas. We Build Them.

History books say that the Persian Empire preferred hiring
Greek mercenaries to their own army. It’s easy to see why.

Mercenaries get the job done.

They don’t ask questions. They don’t whine, complain or back down. And they don’t stop until the boss is satisfied. That’s how we operate at Scenic Mercenary Studio.

Come to us with a vision. Any vision. We can build it. We create props, sets, elements, rooms, heck, even whole worlds of imagination for film, TV, theater, advertising and more. We handle logistics. We can even help you design. Our job is to work with your team to make your project a success. We’ll plan it, build it, break it down, put it up and show you how it works.

Bring us your creative ideas. We’ll build them.

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Need an Estimate? Sketch Up


Because a 3-D sketch sells an idea a lot better than your account guy trying to describe it.


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